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The Trails


Scenic Sights

Most of our trails are sand & sandstone base.  Not surprising, to any part of the East Tennessee Mountains, is that it will get a bit rocky the closer to water you get.  Horses should be willing to cross streams and rivers, for there are several crossings to make.  Barefoot and shod horses alike are welcome in the BSF. There are trails for all skill levels but an intermediate rider should have absolutely no problems negotiating “any” of the trails.  A majority of the trails are wide enough to ride 2 abreast. 

There are several scenic sights that require short hikes, some up to 40 yards. (i.e. Needle's Eye, O&W Overlook, & Jake's Hole Overlook).  This being the case; I recommend that you carry enough lead ropes to cross tie your horses.  The park service will ticket for tree damage if your horse gets bored and takes a bite, to which is more likely to happen than not.  Also; there are no garbage collection areas out on the trails, so bring back what you take with you!


Know Your Signs

In an effort to make the trail system more user friendly for the wide variety of users at Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, the park is formulating a new system of trailhead and trail markings. This new system will consist of both graphic symbols and color coded blazes to indicate the types of use authorized for a particular trail. The absence of a symbol will mean that a particular use is not permitted on that trail. We have trail maps in office to help navigate trails with ease, However it is still easy to get turned around at times so always make sure that you are aware of your surroundings.


Click Here for a trail map.



No Horse, No Shoes

     No Problem

HoneyCreek is more than just a horse camp. We invite you and your family to to join us for a few days of hiking, biking, fishing and campfires.

Big South Fork National Park is one of the few parks where hunting is permitted. During hunting season HoneyCreek is the pefect camp for your command post headquarters.

  • In the Tennessee portion of Big South Fork, the licensing requirements and hunting seasons are the same as those identified by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency for the state. You can purchase your Tennessee license online.


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